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الموضوع: Bahaa Sultan - We Malna 2011
bint_al_yemenia (مشرف)
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Bahaa Sultan - We Malna 2011 6 Years, 3 Months ago شعبية الأعضاء: 2  
Bahaa Sultan - We Malna

Track List :-
02.Ana Mosamem
03.El Warda
04.Albi Anany
05.Khaltni Akhaf
09.Zai Ma Ehna
10.Tebaa'a Enta Elly Leyaa
11.We Malnaa


عملت إيه فيّا خليتني أحب الحب ده
What did you do to me that made me love you that much?
لو ياما لاموا عليّا
No matter how much they are going to blame me...
ما بنسى عمري قلبك ده
I will never forgetthis heart of yours...

حبك على طول شاغلني قلبك بقى حتة مني
Your love is taking all of me...your heart is part of me...
يعني لو مهما قالوا بقول عايزاك
And whatever they say, I'll keep saying "I need you"
إنت لو مهما أقولك أكثر و أكثر بحبك
Even if I keep telling you more that I love you, it's still more...
أنا بنسى الدنيا ديا و أنا قلبي وياك
and I forget the whole world when I'm with you...
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