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How to Download Yemeni music videos into Mp3 files (1 المتواجدون الآن) (1) Guest
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الموضوع: How to Download Yemeni music videos into Mp3 files
YemenReform (مدير)
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How to Download Yemeni music videos into Mp3 files 9 Years ago شعبية الأعضاء: 20  
These are steps to help you convert any downloaded flv video files into mp3 music sound files. You could always submit a request for one specific song in the Mp3 music requests section of the forum.

If you already have the MediaCoder software installed
then skip steps 5 – 18

Download steps are 1 – 5
One time only = Software download and install steps 5-18
Conversion steps are 18 – 25

The following steps have pictures found in the attached zipped file

1- Click download and make sure the
new pop up window is not blocked by the browser.

2- Click Download File
If you are using fire fox skip to step 3

3- Click Save

4- Choose the location then save
Name the file and make sure the name ends with .flv

5- In the pop up window there is a link to powerful free software
that converts videos to many formats Ipod, mp3, etc..
Click the link to download the latest version

6- Choose the stable media coder 0.6.1

7- Download the installation file

8 – If your download doesn’t start click on the link below

9- Click save

10- Choose the location then save

11- click run to start installation

12- ckick ok

13- Click Next

14- Click Agree

15- Click next

16- click Install

17- Click finish the program should start automatically
Or you can go to start > Programs > Media coder

18- the program will launch a web browser click start Mediacoder
Or you can click start > programs > mediacoder > mediacoder

19- the program appears. Now add the movie file that you had saved from step 4
By clicking the button add and add file

20 - Choose the location and the file to be converted Notice the long name.
It is best to shorten the name into song.flv

21- Rename the file by clicking on it with the right mouse button and choosing Rename

22- change it to song.flv and than click open

23- Click the video tab and uncheck the video. You only want audio

24- Click the audio tab and make sure you have MP3 as your chosen format then click start button

The file will be saved to the original location in this case the desktop
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رد:How to Download Yemeni music videos into Mp3 files 7 Years, 6 Months ago شعبية الأعضاء: 7  
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